The Owners

David and Christine Decker own the best fly fishing lodge in Montana called the Complete Fly Fisher.
Montana Fly Fishing - The Complete Fly Fisher

David and Christine Decker are the owners of the best fly fishing lodge in Montana - The Complete Fly Fisher - on the banks of the Big Hole River. 

David & Christine Decker manage and own The Complete Fly Fisher. We have had the opportunity to provide our guests, here along the banks of the Big Hole river in Southwest Montana, with fly fishing adventures in a spectacluar setting for most of our lives. Not to mention raising a family in this vallley, the Big Hole. 

Caring for our guests individual needs is what makes this job special. The Complete Fly Fisher has prided itself in truly tailoring adventures for anglers from across the globe since 1968. We make it our business to be certain that this tradition is our benchmark in customer service. Christine and I are completely dedicated to providing our guests with the finest experience possible.  

David Decker is the Outfitter of Record on the Big Hole & Beaverhead Rivers, RUP #25, Outfitter #217.