The Guides: Kelly


Kelly Kimzey was raised in the rugged wilds of NW Montana. Here is where he learned to fish with a predator like instinct. In the mid 80’s when Kelly was about fifteen he moved with his family to SW Montana. To Kelly this was an entirely new experience. The waters were rich with life and full of fish. Kelly literally immersed himself in the Beaverhead and upper Big Hole. Although Kelly has had been a career guy with the State of Montana, he has held a guide license since the early 90’s and has managed to log more professional days than any one we can think of. Although he is big enough to pick up the river and turn it around his method of teaching is patient, kind and soft to the touch. A week with Kelly is hard to book because his regulars rarely give him the chance at new anglers, so if he is free, never pass on the chance to learn, fish and experience our rivers with a true pro. 

“To sum it all up, one must fish to live”