The Fishing: Rock Creek


Imagine a place where time has stood still and the scenery, fishing and country side is pristine. Where the river flows fast and clear. Where trout are eager to slash at your fly and you will never be the same. Rock Creek drains the back side of the Anacaonda Wilderness and joins the Clark Fork headed to the Pacific. From sometime in mid May through June every year we float this stunning river on a special, limited permit authorized through the Lolo National Forest. This opportunity is normally from mid may through June. Rock Creek has a wonderful Salmon Fly and Golden Stonefly hatch back to back and the native Cutthroats, Rainbows and Browns are plentiful and willing.  

Launches are limited and early booking is a great idea.  

This opportunity is provided in cooperation and permited through and by the Lolo National Forest. USFS. The Complete Fly Fisher is an "equal opportunity service provider"!