About 12 years ago, our son Jeffrey asked us to join him to go fly fishing in Montana. First I checked an atlas to see where Montana is. Then I googled to see what "fly fishing" is. I was reluctant to say the least but figured I could read for a week. Our other son, Paul, who fly fishes in Colorado joined us. Well, we got there and in a very short time we realized we had discovered paradise. We were like kids again. The people we met were wonderful. The food excellant and fly fishing was more than a sport, it was an experience to cherish. I missed many fish, as I looked around and saw so many spectacular vistas. We have returned each year and leave with much reluctance each year. We thank The Complete Fly Fisher for the priviledge of sharing "paradise". 

Ele Bass 


Of my eight trips to the Complete Fly Fisher the last one was the best. I have enjoyed them all, but last year I brought my 14 year old grandson who had never been fly fishing. The look on his face when he landed his first brown on a dry fly was the best. The friends I’ve made, the scenery, the guides, the food and drink have all been great, but fishing with my grandson was the best. He is definitely “hooked” for life.  

Howard Hirsch, MD 

Calabasa, California 


I have been coming to the Complete Fly Fisher for over 20 years. Why? Because the trout fishing is the best in North America, the food is spectacular and the place is relaxed and not stuffy. But most of all, the guides and staff are like family to me. Why would I go anywhere else? 

Evan McGlinn 


Carlisle, Massachusetts 

"The Complete Fly Fisher has become my home away from home in Montana. It's the place where I can walk in after a year's absence and feel perfectly comfortable. It's where hugs are given all around to guides and staff that have become as close or, in some cases, even closer than family members. It's the place where you greet old friends, clients like you that you see year after year, and maybe meet some new ones that will soon fall into the "old friend" category. It's where you remember the rock in the Big Hole where you caught the "big one" in 2005 and the weed bank where you lost the monster in 2008. It's the place with glorious sun rises and breath-taking sunsets. Most of all, it's the place you dream about and the place you don't want to leave."  

Gail Billig 

Englewood, New Jersey 


"2010 was my 20th year at Complete FlyFisher in Wise River, Montana. It is one of those lodges you just want to keep coming back to. A wonderful setting, always fine food, and outstanding guides who over time become close friends. We haven't had a year when the fishing wasn't first class; different, but in a class with Patagonia and New Zealand. I actually think the fishing has improved over the years, or maybe it's my fishing under Wayne Clayton's guidance that's improved. The special meals you do for Martha are always welcome and show thoughtfulness. A couple of pictures of Big Hole browns are attached." 

Alan Pilkington 


Redstone, Colorado 

“The article in Fly Fisherman magazine raving about the food at the Complete Fly Fisher in Wise River, Montana, seemed like a good excuse to get my non-fishing spouse to accompany me. She did and almost twenty years later I have been returning annually to even better food and fishing. 

The lodge is one of the most delightful fishing venues that I have experienced in any country. The staff has consistently provided magnificent service and accommodations. Set on the side of the Big Hole River, the view from the dining room is enough to justify the visit—food and drink have rivaled that of more urban settings. How fortunate that the lodge is able to attract premier chefs who serve an exciting varied menu each visit. 

The fishing, like any other site, varies with river conditions, weather and the vagaries of the hatches. What stays constant is the capable guide staff, with many years of service at the Fly Fisher, a testament to the management and to the quality of the fishing. When the Big Hole is "off" there are many other options ranging from the Missouri, Beaverhead, Rock Creek and private lakes with lunkers to more intimate spring creek settings. The guides don't hesitate to travel in search of the best available water. 

My week at the Fly Fisher is a constant on my calendar and I hope to return to celebrate my 75th birthday.” 

Bob TK 

Town and State TK